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Non-competitive programs Normandie, cinéma en région

Thursday 8 | 3pm


A men in mourning is observed by angels trying to console him

Production :

Sébastien Houis - Website

Distribution :

Sébastien Houis - Website

Director(s) :
Sébastien Houis

Country :

Year :

Genre :
Experimental Fiction

Duration :


Sébastien Houis

"Seb is a dreamer. He had a camera in his hands since his young age, and professionally speaking since fifteen years. He is an addict of the RAW vidéo format and Slow Motion. He directed many music videos, some shorts and one documentary. His spearhead is: Overly esthetism.
You’ll find him, if he’s not around the globe, between Paris, South of France where he was born, and Drome where he is living most of the time."

23rd Off-Courts Trouville from September 2 to 10 2022

Useful information:

All festival activities are free and open to all.
The screenings are accessible free of charge on tickets
to be collected, on the day of the screening, at the reception of the festival locate next to the Casino Barrière.