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Sarah Fortin

Northern Affairs

Northern Affairs

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Sunday, September 4 | 6pm


As they make their way to Schefferville, an isolated village in Northern Quebec, to settle the sale of a cottage, Sophie and Mathieu unwittingly find themselves facing a grave and unexpected situation. While a police investigation struggles to get underway, plagued by limited local resources, the couple is forced to stay put longer than anticipated. They find themselves cut off from the rest of the world, grappling with the local indigenous reality for perhaps the very first time. The couple then sees its relationship put to the test, as they each take an opposite approach to their predicament, in this chamber drama of wide open spaces.

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Voyelles Films - Website

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Voyelles Films - Website

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Sarah Fortin

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Sarah Fortin

Sarah Fortin graduated with a degree in communications (cinema stream) from UQAM. She wrote and directed several short fiction films, including Deux enfants qui fument (2004),
Synthétiseur (2008), Le fleuve à droite (2010), and Manouk (2014). She's currently at work on the screenplay of her next dramatic feature.
Northern Affairs, set in Northern Quebec, is her first feature-length fiction film.

The short films


2008 | Fiction | Quebec | 00:11:00

Deux enfants qui fument

2004 | Fiction | Quebec | 00:14:00

Le fleuve à droite

2010 | Fiction | Quebec | 00:16:00

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