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Tuesday 6 | 4pm


1938. A year before the start of World War II, the Spanish Civil War comes to an end. If the victory of the fascists is inevitable, nothing can make us forget the republican heroism of Tom, Paco and Patanegra, a 320 kg deminer pig.

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Supermouche - Website

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Agence belge du court métrage - Website

Director(s) :
Meryl Fortunat-Rossi

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Meryl Fortunat-Rossi

Originally from the south of France, Meryl Fortunat-Rossi studied filmmaking at the Institute of Broadcasting Arts in Belgium. He signed several short documentaries including Aparicion in 2012 which attracts numerous festival selections and the Lago International Festival Award. On the fiction side, he explores black humor in a relaxed way and co-directs with Xavier Seron: Mauvaise-Lune (2011) a fake ethylic documentary, L'ours noir (2015) a forest potacherie and more recently Le plombier (2016), an erotic-acoustic romantic comedy.Meryl est également à l’initiative du Festival du cinéma belge de Garrigue, itinérant et gratuit, depuis 2013.

23rd Off-Courts Trouville from September 2 to 10 2022

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