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Europe & Francophonie 2

Monday 5 | 2pm

Wednesday 7 | 4pm


Wannabe musical legend Slouch is pushed by his song-writing-demon Nuffti to deep dive into his darkest emotions, while his girlfriend Lisa is pregnant and wants him to transition into a harmonic family life...

Production :

Michael Bohnenstingl - Website

Distribution :

Fabian & Fred - Website

Director(s) :
Michael Bohnenstingl

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Michael Bohnenstingl

Michael Bohnenstingl is a director and writer, focusing on character-based stories in animation. He worked on kids-series with studio soi and makes somewhat funny and hopefully touching short films. Occasionally he hosts the alternative film event "Night of Shame" in which filmmakers show their most terrible films.

23rd Off-Courts Trouville from September 2 to 10 2022

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All festival activities are free and open to all.
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to be collected, on the day of the screening, at the reception of the festival locate next to the Casino Barrière.