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The night of the monkey

The night of the monkey

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Friday 2 | 7:30pm


Time torments a small Norman village, where life seems to be maintained in a strange and frozen atmosphere... An evil spell seems to reign over this village. The hands remain motionless. Here, Emile loses the notion of time and finds refuge in alcohol and dreams...

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Heloïse Haddad - Website

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Heloïse Haddad

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Heloïse Haddad

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Heloïse Haddad

Héloïse Haddad went to film school in Paris, then did a Masters degree in film research. She moved to New York as a videographer for art galleries and cultural events. She made her first short film there, The Hell of it, a musical about betrayal, and Straight Line, a tale about fantasized love. She directed Je t'aime déception à Paris, which was selected for several festivals and received several awards. She then left for two years as a cameraman on boats that navigated around the globe. When she returned, she continued her work as a videographer and as a casting and extras officer for the cinema.

23rd Off-Courts Trouville from September 2 to 10 2022

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