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What comes at night

What comes at night

France 3

Sunday 4 | 4pm

Tuesday 6 | 6pm


On a beautiful summer day, Sven goes hiking with his family in the forest. While playing with his niece, he loses sight of her. He finds her drowning in the lake below. Sven manages to intervene before the drama. Relieved, he hugs and kisses her. Astrid, the young au pair, observes them, petrified. She only sees the embrace.

Production :

bathysphere - Website

Elkin Communication

Distribution :

bathysphere - Website

Director(s) :
Marion Jhöaner

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Marion Jhöaner

Marion Jhöaner is originally from Clermont-Ferrand. She makes fiction films with stories that revolve around the theme of secrecy with a certain taste for mystery.
Deeply influenced by the wild and spectacular nature of Scandinavia, she makes her documentary films in Northern Europe, in Scotland and Iceland, in which she explores the difficult life of fishermen. Today, she focuses on writing short and feature-length fiction projects, and a documentary.

23rd Off-Courts Trouville from September 2 to 10 2022

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