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Non-competitive programs Cartes blanches Focus Jonathan Steuer

Wednesday 6 | 10:30am


On April 3, 2021, at just 24 years of age, Germain Zambi won the International Illest Battle live on French television. In just three years, the dancer went from novice to Krump dance world champion: his meteoric and unprecedented rise fascinated as much as it frightened the underground community. Now admired by his peers, the young champion seeks to reinvent himself and develop a unique body language. We follow his journey, his wanderings and doubts, but also fragments of his past, and witness the events that have shaped his story.

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Jonathan Steuer

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Jonathan Steuer

Jonathan Steuer is a French film and stage director. He has developed a practice intimately linked to movement, filming dancers for many years. Combining film, dance, photography and theater, his work highlights different communities and what they represent. Frequently employing the sequence shot device, his works evoke immersion, trance and melancholy in human, sensitive and poetic creations.

24th Off-Courts Trouville from September 1 to 9 2023

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