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Talents en court Normandie

The Talents en Court program aims to identify and support young talents with identified artistic potential who are far from the professional network for social and geographical reasons. This openness to new creators is essential to the renewal and diversity of talent for the entire cinema and audiovisual sector.

Steering committee: Association Off, Moulin d’Andé – CECI, Normandy Images

With the support of the Normandy Region / the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Normandy – CNC

The 2022-2023 promotion

Marion Rodrigues (Self-taught and resourceful, she writes and makes films with what we all have in our pocket, a telephone. Since then, she has made 3 self-produced short films), Moos Coulibaly (an artistic director, director and choreographer specialized in the field of art, culture, fashion and all their intersections), and Mathieu Thorel (40-year-old young man from Caen, his artistic sensitivity has regularly led him to evolve in a cultural world such as drawing, music or cinema. To academic paths, he often preferred alternative routes, which allowed him to discover and integrate the Talents en Court program) are the three talents of this promotion, and they are supervised by their godfather, Eric Gravel, and Fanny Chéreau from Normandie Images.


Talent en court, what is it ?

The program is coordinated by the Association Off – Studio Off-Courts, in collaboration with Moulin d’Andé – CECI and Normandie Images; with the support of the Normandy Region and the CNC.
The objectives are the culmination of writing a short film script and support towards production to be able to meet producers with a short film project.
You will be supervised all year round by professionals to help you with your short film project.

Duration of the program: from September to September

How to subscribe ?

Registration conditions:

– You must not have professional film experience, Reside in Normandy, Have already made a self-produced film (all genres combined) and have an upcoming short fiction project, at the writing stage, Be available from September 2 to 10, 2022, No age limit! Anyone can apply, from the age of 18.
Filmmakers are advised to register as soon as possible. The seats are limited.

To apply, please complete this mform

For any questions, please write to Virginie at

24th Off-Courts Trouville from September 1 to 9 2023

Useful information:

All festival activities are free and open to all.
The screenings are accessible free of charge on tickets
to be collected, on the day of the screening, at the reception of the festival locate next to the parking des bains.