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More than 2250 films viewed.

More than 120 selected films, 42 in competition.

8 competitive programs in 3 sections: France, Quebec and Europe and french speaking countries.


Many thanks for allowing us to view your works !

We look forward to seeing you in September, from the 2nd to the 10th to discover the programming of the 23rd edition. 


It is always a perilous exercise to choose among more than 1300 films received when, this year, only 15 French short films are in competition. As always, our goal remains to offer films that best represent the diversity of short films.


The annual production often reflects our society, its complexity, its richness, its challenges. Reflect, escape, discover, we try to ensure that everyone leaves the room satisfied with the moment spent, but also open to questioning the world around us together.


Trouville-sur-Mer and Quebec is a long-standing love story. What a pleasure to program films from the beautiful province to introduce them to such a loyal and generous audience.


This year’s program features 16 short films that will transport you to rich and varied universes to help you discover the themes that drive young and less young Quebec filmmakers.

Europe and french speaking countries

The Europe and French speaking countries competition is a renewed opportunity to discover less explored cinematography. From Greece to Denmark via Ireland and Hungary, these are films that are alternately amusing, disturbing, touching and sometimes frightening that we invite you to watch.


Between a rock star apprentice, a swarm of very special bees, an insomniac fencer or a midwife lifting mountains, it is a gallery of atypical characters and a palette of universal themes that we invite you to discover in nearly three hours of content.

23rd Off-Courts Trouville from September 2 to 10 2022

Useful information:

All festival activities are free and open to all.
The screenings are accessible free of charge on tickets
to be collected, on the day of the screening, at the reception of the festival locate next to the Casino Barrière.