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Since making the public discover new artists has been, since the first day, at the heart of our mission, and all other fields are represented at Off-Courts, multiple concerts, outdoor screenings, and Kino Kabarets will liven up the evenings of the festival.

Friday, September 1


24th Opening ceremony

Evening - Salon des Gouverneurs

The festivities will be launched by the opening night at 6:30 p.m. Opening speech, presentation of the jury and the godfathers and godmothers of creation, presentation of the filmmakers of the opening program Made in Trouville. It’s time for everyone to get together to launch the 24th edition.


Marlene Larsen

Concert - Salon des Gouverneurs

“Do I dare become the one I always wanted to be?” Marlene Larsen bravely puts into song this little inner voice, anxious as can be, and spokesperson for the depths of our souls. Her music is 90’s indie soft rock, and sounds like the phone call you make to your best friend after a revolutionary session with her shrink. “Galore” means “in abundance”, and is the title of his 1st EP, out on 09/15 on the Unicum Music label. Larsen introduces his universe with 5 powerful, nuanced, bittersweet tracks, with self-deprecation as a spotlight on precise moments of inner turmoil. While you wait for the EP, check out her first two singles, “Galore” and “I Said I’m Fine”, whose clips are already available on YouTube. On stage, armed with brutal honesty and accompanied by her right-hand woman Helene, they deliver an intense duo of vocals and electric guitars, hit songs and the truth, nothing but the truth. For the OFF COURTS festival, she’s preparing a unique set, with all songs from the forthcoming EP and exclusive new releases.


Roches Noires

Concert - Salon des gouverneurs

If the producer Clément Durand has chosen to cover the chalky cliffs of the Norman landscapes from which it is inspired, it is not a stylistic accident: it is in the history and the topography of a beach secretly nestled out of sight facing the Channel that he draws his inspiration. Revealed in 2020 with a first ep “Made to disappear” where already points to an identity that combines introspection and fervor, he continues his way in 2021 on “Blow” (Mouton Noir records), which Tsugi hails as “demanding but widely accessible” techno. An ep of remixes later (MNNQNS, Matt Robertson, himself remixer of Björk, or Keeper Lo: the affinities are multiple), Roches Noires intends to continue to work on the sound material like a universal spectrum between black and white, like the scattered pieces of limestone that mark out the Normandy shore is tinged with anthracite tide after tide. The movements of time serve as a liminal space for the electronica of the producer are found in its rises in power as in its cold and contemplative phases. Imposing itself in festivals like in plastic sound in the broad sense (theater, exhibitions, short films), this architect of textures has also crossed paths with Museau featuring or Rone on stage, and is just waiting to be able to populate his beaches of new sensations, to the rhythm of the waves that inspire him so much.

Saturday, September 2


Trotski Nautique – Snug

Concert - Rue des bains

Since we’ve been in the future of the 2000s for a while now, Trotski Nautique doesn’t see the point of playing with a drum kit that takes up all the space in the truck, which is handy because Trotski Nautique doesn’t have a truck and prefers the train. So Trotski Nautique plays with a drum machine: all you have to do is press a button and it kicks ass, as the kids say. The advantage of the drum machine is that Trotski Nautique can play anywhere, from the Stade de France to your bathroom. Bob Dylan can play at the Stade de France as well as in your bathroom, you might say. Well, Trotski Nautique agrees, but Trotski Nautique likes it when it goes Poum Tchack with a slamming snare drum.


Claudie Létourneau

Concert - Salon des Gouverneurs

Claudie Létourneau plunges us headfirst into a multicolored universe of melodies as sparkling as her energy on stage. Groovy as can be, her alternative pop is marked by rhythm and percussion. Her outbursts of lyricism and candidly imaged words combine boldness and fragility in a cocktail of chilling harmonies.


Claudie won the Labo-clip prize, awarded by Off-Courts at the latest edition of the Ma première Place des Arts competition organized by Sacef (Société pour l’avancement de la chanson d’expression française) in Montreal. During her stay with us, she will create a musicvideo with director Camille Tardieu. The result of their collaboration will be presented at the closing ceremony, on Friday September 8 at 6:30pm.


Collectif N3CO

Concert - Salon des Gouverneurs

In the heart of the southern districts of Paris, an unprecedented artistic effervescence animates the streets. A collective of artists passionate about French hip-hop and rap culture has formed around a common ambition: to make their eclectic musical universe resonate independently. Characterized by self-financing, self-production and a self-taught approach, these artists thrive in an environment where the culture of resourcefulness reigns supreme. Bringing together talents with a wide range of profiles, the collective emphasizes its multi-disciplinary aspect, and everything is done in the family: from creating instrus to taking vocals, to producing captivating audiovisual content. The streets of Paris and their rich nightlife are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Surrounded by creative minds of all kinds, the collective’s artists know how to tap into the city’s effervescence to create explosive concepts. From talented designers to visionary videographers and exalted musicians, the collective draws on this diversity to push back the boundaries of artistic expression. Like their music, the collective conveys the values of sharing and openness. Beyond artistic boundaries, they forge links with their audiences, inviting each and every one to let themselves be carried away in their own way by the unique universe they create with passion and conviction.

Sunday, September 3


Kino Kabaret I

Evening - Salon des Gouverneurs

The first evening of films made on site as part of the creative laboratories. Discover films from the Kinoworld laboratories! Enjoy a drink and discover the films made in the city. In the heart of the village, meet filmmakers from all over the world, and let yourself be entertained by hosts who are always friendly, often offbeat, and whose films are sometimes truly surprising! Renowned for their lively atmosphere, Kino Kabaret evenings are sure to surprise you! The evenings sometimes start a little late, there may be some technical bugs, and you never know in advance how long the screening will last! It’s all part of the lab adventure. Don’t forget that there’s no competition, and that it’s customary to applaud those who take part for the first time. Hats off to them for taking the plunge!

Monday, September 4



Soirée - Salon des Gouverneurs

A friendly competition evening that will allow you to once again test your musical and cinematic culture during a festive and warm evening.
Revise your classics and form your teams, the referees will be merciless so that the good mood always ends victorious.

Tuesday, September 5


Kino Kabaret II

Evening - Village Off

Second evening of films made on site as part of the creative laboratories.



Soirée - Salon des Gouverneurs

Following the Kino screening, take over the Salon des Gouverneurs stage for a song (or more…)! Hosted by Ruby On The Nail, a Parisian drag queen originally from Marseille, who has made lip sync (the art of pretending to sing) and stage expression her specialty, this karaoke promises a fun evening for all!

Ruby On The Nail is a drag queen, performer and creator of the drag show La Boîte à Bijoux, which celebrates its 50th edition in October. Lulled by the music of Broadway and the voice of Barbra Streisand, Ruby likes to call herself a “gentle diva” who, under long false eyelashes and an over-drawn mouth, hides a clownish desire to make her audience laugh.

Wednesday, September 6


Outdoor screening – documentaries


A plunge into real life with a series of portraits and/or testimonials about you, others… us. Rendezvous on the boards of Trouville, near the tennis courts, for open-air cinema.


Coopérative sonore

Ciné-concert - Salon des Gouverneurs

Ludwig Brosch and Sylvain Choinier, two professional musicians and composers involved in the regional and national cultural scene, decided to work together and set up Coopérative Sonore. Coopérative Sonore, a structure that creates music for images and live performances. and live performance. Ludwig Brosch was a member of the group Radiosofa, and is now Foray’s guitarist and composer for images. He is also programmer for the Chants d’Elles festival. Sylvain Choinier, after playing in Syntax error and Kumquat, set up King Biscuit. He is also a member of the Les Vibrants Défricheurs collective, and is currently touring the children’s show Pierre Feuille Loup. These two versatile composers met at Le Kalif, where, where, through teaching, they shared their musical experiences as contemporary music professionals. The animated films have been carefully selected by Jean-Christophe Perrier (founder of Normandie Animation), to appeal to family audiences of all ages from 6 upwards. They will be set to music by Coopérative Sonore, with their preferred instruments: guitars, keyboards and various sound treatments (blip and computer scratch). The ciné-concert will last 45 minutes.

Thursday, September 7


Kino Kabaret III

Evening - Village Off

Third evening of films made on site as part of the creative laboratories.


Princess Erika

Concert - Salon des Gouverneurs

Princess Erika is the first black woman to have conquered the minds of millions of French people with her hits, to have written feminist lyrics, about violence in relationships, long before the #MeToo movement. That’s no mean feat. Princess Erika has always enjoyed mixing genres. Her songs are like her record collection: multiple, hybrid, unlabelled. Free. If she has to choose, she prefers to be classified as variety. Pop. As in popular. Author, composer, performer, producer, songwriter, she doesn’t hold back on anything. She’s never been a label doll, the product of a franchise. She has always done as she pleased. Insubordinate by nature. She’s still an actress, theater and film, the voice of Les Grosses Têtes for three years, the Bouvard era, and she’s currently writing her first book, which she’s been working on for several years. She will also soon be appearing in a four-part series on France 3, “Le Meilleur d’entre nous”, where she will play the heroine’s mother. And then there’s her fifth album. “J’suis pas une Sainte”, to be released on Christian de Tarlé’s label, EPM Musique, Universal distribution. Her previous album dates back to 2011. In the meantime, she’s been on the road a lot, with a host of projects such as “Sur la route du reggae”, crossing the mike with Diana King, the Camping Paradis adventure, and life in all its diversity. The first single from this unfettered album is also the first song written for this project, in 2016. “J’suis pas une Sainte”. The others followed. At their own pace. If Erika likes simplicity, she doesn’t like haste. Songs aren’t things you ship, they’re things you love. In the beginning, her craft doesn’t need much. Her voice, her muses, an instrument, GarageBand. Then she builds and fleshes out. She lays it all out. Here, she called on Louis Ville to produce the record. It was recorded in Saint-Maurice-sous-les-Côtes, in the Meuse region. It’s a cinematographic record, generating images. If you listen carefully, it’s alive.

Friday, September 8


Critic’s prize debate

Evening - Salon des Gouverneurs

The official closing evening will kick off with the Prix de la critique debate, in partnership with the Syndicat français de la critique de cinéma, live in the Salon des Gouverneurs. Moderated by Claude Duty, president of the official jury, this discussion between Florent Boute, Catherine Habit and Nicolas Thys promises to be lively and animated. It will reveal the first winner of the 24th Off-Courts awards evening.


Closing and Awards ceremony

Evening - Cinéma

The traditional presentation of the 2023 Awards. An important moment for cinema artisans! Also the opportunity to screen the music videos made during the week and some special projects.



Concert - Salon des Gouverneurs

JOUBe wanted to combine dancefloor, human encounters and cycling. His sound research has taken him from the icy lands of Greenland to the cows of the Jura. Today, he wants to travel the length and breadth of France on his bicycle, which becomes a hybrid musical instrument once on stage. These are his very first pedal strokes towards a cyclo-electronic journey, the destination of which nobody yet knows.



Concert - Salon des Gouverneurs

It is the quartet of young rabbits from Béatrix Potter embarked on Las Vegas Parano. As in a Lyonnais tacos, they mix britpop and madchester, psyche-electro sauce. Melodies, beats, bass synths and guitar come together as if by evidence, it’s pop, it’s dancing, it’s a very spicy recipe they’re cooking up for us! Take the uninhibited eclecticism of Damon Albarn, the pop emotion of Balthazar, the energy of Deluxe and the psychedelic madness of Suuns, sprinkle with glitter… it strikes a chord when needed, where needed! A dancing and uninhibited music as we like them. So close your eyes, unplug your brain and start undulating from the pelvis. The euphoria rises, it pulses, it’s insolent, the experience begins here. Roaaar! That’s it… it groumpfs!

25th Off-Courts Trouville from September 7 to 13 2024

The call for entries will be from April 10 to June 12, 2024 on

The program will be announced from July 17, 2024

Practical information :

All festival activities are free and open to all.
Cinema screenings are available free of charge with tickets, which can be collected on the day of the screening from the festival reception.