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Thursday 7 | 1pm


Aaaah! is a cry of pain, surprise, fear, joy, songs, grumbling, laughter, anger… Aaaah! is the expression with which children, these primary and innocent beings, experience life in a community, framed by the whistles of adults.

Production :

Miyu Productions - Website

Distribution :

Miyu Distribution - Website

Director(s) :
Osman Cerfon

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Osman Cerfon

Osman Cerfon is a French animator born in 1981. After studying graphic design at the Beaux-Arts d'Épinal, Osman Cerfon completed his studies at La Poudrière. There he made three films, including "Tête-à-tête", his graduation film. On leaving the school, he worked on various projects as a scriptwriter and technician for Folimage, then for Jesuisbiencontent, the studio that produced the two parts of "Chroniques de la Poisse", two short films selected and awarded at numerous festivals (including Annecy, Hiroshima). "Je sors acheter des cigarettes" (I'm going out to buy cigarettes) was his first short film produced by Miyu productions, the animation studio with which he also developed "Vaudou miaou", a 52-episode original series project.

25th Off-Courts Trouville from September 7 to 13 2024

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