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Le Loup et la Chatte

Le Loup et la Chatte

Competition France 2

Saturday 2 | 6pm

Thursday 7 | 7pm


Loup, a 13-year-old deaf boy, is spending his summer holidays camping with his mother, Lea. Their all-encompassing relationship will be disrupted by the arrival of a lifeguard and a teenage girl in their lives.

Production :

Insolence Productions - Website

13 Prods - Website

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Manifest - Website

Director(s) :
Jean-Sébastien Bernard

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Jean-Sébastien Bernard

A native of Salon de Provence, France, Jean-Sébastien Bernard began his career as a photojournalist, while at the same time self-producing two short films that he wrote and directed: Le Hérisson de Verre and Phantasms of the Living, which garnered 13 awards and a hundred selections in France and abroad (Sitges, Zinebi, Sapporo, PIFFF...). With Le Loup et la Chatte (The Wolf and the Pussy), produced by Insolence Productions, Jean-Sébastien continues to develop a singular filmography flirting with surrealism and paying particular attention to the aesthetics of his directing. He is currently developing series projects and working on the script for his first feature film.

24th Off-Courts Trouville from September 1 to 9 2023

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